Please read through the following points, which reflect our duty of care to our clients as well as policies and etiquette we ask all our clients to maintain
Prior to any treatment taking place we will require all clients to fill in one of our consultation forms. This will only take a few minutes to complete and all of your information will be handled in the strictest confidence. The form is there to allow our therapists to assess the best possible methods to employ when conducting your treatment, as well as allowing us to see if the treatment is the best fit for you.

Treatment times given include 10 minutes for your consultation tme and for getting changed.

All clients are expected to observe the highest standards of hygiene when attending the salon. Our therapists reserve the right to refuse treatment to anyone considered to not adhere to our basic hygiene requirements.

On certain beauty and aromatherapy treatments a skin patch test may be required 24 hours prior to treatment.

Any cancellations/changing of appointments – 24 hours prior notice required.

Holistic therapies should not be used as a substitute for standard medicine practices but instead should be used along side normal treatments.