Our Ayurvedic Treatments Explained !
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Shirodhara - Forehead Oil Flow Treatment

A blissful treatment involving a steady stream of warm oil being gently poured in a rhythmical movement over the central Chakra point on the forehead known as the 3rd Eye. Deeply relaxing, this treatment can help to remove stress. This extraordinary wellness treatment alleviates accumulated stress, promotes deep relaxation, improves the perceptiveness of the senses and helps to lift anxiety, anguish and anger to improve concentration. It nourishes the hair and scalp and also relieves headaches, migraines and is good for brain function. It has been seen to delay hair loss and hair greying

Udvartana – Herbal Body-Scrub Massage

Exfoliating massage using finely ground Ayurvedic herbs, including exotic sandalwood with precious herb-infused oils to make the skin soft and give it a lustrous glow. Using Ayurvedic herbal pastes, our exfoliating Udvartna therapy cleanses and stimulates the skin and muscles, and improves overall circulation.  This treatment will help decrease fluid retention, drain the lymphatics, and alleviate any heaviness in the body. It help to soften, tone and tighten the skin.

PindaSveda Herbal Bolus De-Stress 

A rejuvenating, strengthening, and nourishing massage which uses cotton poultice bags filled with specially selected herbs which are pressed gently over the body. It helps to alleviate muscle and joint pain, tensions, and stress. The healing properties of herbal oils used for this massage deeply cleans and enriches the blood, builds and maintains strong muscle and connective tissues and lubricates the joints keeping them flexible and pain free.

Abhyanga - Ayurvedic Whole Body Massage

Abhyanga - the Ayurvedic oil massage - is an integral part of the daily routine recommended by this healing system for overall health and well-being. It relieves fatigue, provides stamina, pleasure and perfect sleep, enhances the complexion and the lustre of the skin, promotes longevity and nourishes all parts of the body. A relaxing massage that improves lymph flow, stimulates the immune system, detoxifies, strengthens, and revitalises the entire nervous system. 

Greeva Basti 

Greeva Basti helps neck and shoulder stress while also relaxing the congestion of nerves. The healing properties of herbal oils used for this basti deeply clean and fortify the blood, build strong muscle and connective tissues, and lubricate the joints. Greeva basti is likely to alleviate most types problems associated with the neck. A specialized warm oil treatment for the back of the neck, it is ideal for people suffering from acute and chronic neck pains, nerve problems, tension, and stress related ailments. 

Potli Massage 

Potli massage uses potli, specially handmade herbal pouches containing detoxifying herbs. The pouches are handmade especially for your massage with freshly ground aijwain and ginger herbs contained in a 100% cotton pouch. Not only does potli massage feel great, but the smell of the herbs and oils will help you to drift off to another world, fully immersed in your very own ayurvedic experience. The potli massages and exfoliates as the oil nourishes and moisturises the skin. This invigorating yet deeply relaxing treatment leaves your skin feeling soft and new. 

Kati Basti

A unique warm oil treatment for the lower back which can be helpful in treating all lower back ailments including acute and chronic pain, nerve disorders, and sciatica. This treatment considerably increases the circulation in the region, as the medicated oil gets deeply absorbed into the skin, and both nourishes and strengthens the muscles and nerves.

Pristhabhyanga - Back Massage

The PristhAbhyanga is a very beneficial massage as the back is a common place for people to accumulate tension. Specifically tailored oils are used to release your tension and stress. This treatment is recommended for those suffering from general pain, tension and stiffness of the back and shoulders. A course of treatments is immensely beneficial for those suffering from chronic back pain. A muscle-relaxing and revitalising massage to relieve backache, and release tensions and strains. 

Njavara Kizhi

Persons suffering from joint pains, rheumatism, and certain skin disorders can take an appropriate njavarakkizhi therapy or simply kizhi therapy. A unique therapy in which whole or part of the body is massaged & made to perspire using specially prepared Shastika rice . This procedure is highly rejuvenating and nourishing, and strengthens the patient’s body to bear the stresses and strains of a busy lifes.

Netra Basti

Netra Basti relieves eye strain, improve your vision, and pacifies the doshas in your head area. Our Netra Basti nourishing ghee eye bath therapy is used for a wide variety of eye ailments. By filling a dam, made out of dough and placed around the eyes, with a lukewarm Restorative Ghee (clarified butter), we’ll help soothe and nourish your eyes. We recommend this therapy for anyone who is constantly reading or exposed to computer and TV electromagnetic rays.

Benefits of Netra Basti:

+ Refreshes tired, sore, dry, itchy, and teary eyes
+ Eases eye tension and proves to very soothing for dry and tired ‘computer eyes’
+ Relieves eye socket tension, twitches, and squinting
+ Eases wrinkles and dark circles around eyes
+ Improves Vision
+ Nourishes and rejuvenates eyes
+ Enhances the beauty of the eyes
+ Preventive therapy for people suffering from Diabetes and hypertension

Pada Abhyanga (Footmassage)

The ultimate foot indulgence. Tiredness, aches & pains are dispelled, leaving your feet feeling blissfully light and refreshed. An infusion of exotic oils is massaged into your feet and lower legs, de-stressing the entire body and revitalising the area. for stress and stress related conditions such as stress and anxiety


Pizhichil is beneficial for various ailments such as nervous weakness, sexual weakness, hypertension, Vata imbalances, and limbs emaciation. Pizhichil is a treatment which comprises a combination of heat treatment and oil massage. The therapy has been used since ancient times as kings used to often have this treatment. Hence, the treatment is also called ‘Treatment for aristocrats’.

During this massage, a cloth dipped in medicated herbal oil is squeezed over the patient’s body and he/she is given a massage for 60 to 90 minutes. This treatment is generally carried out for 7 to 21 days, depending upon the ailment and physician’s advice for the same.

Benefits of Pizhichil:

Pizhichil actually helps in initiating diaphoresis (heavy sweating) and hence is highly effective in rheumatic diseases, arthritis, paralysis, hemiplegia, paralysis- agitans (parkinson’s disease), sexual weakness, nervous weakness, nervous disorders etc.

Other benefits: Relieves body pain and muscle spasms, helps in the healing of fractured bones, increases immunity and prolongs lifespan, promotes development of muscles, improves skin complexion, has anti aging properties, improves blood circulation, helps in diabetes, hypertension, effective in asthma and even in tuberculosis in early stages, soothing and relaxing, helps preserve and promote optimum health, is very rejuvenating, and alleviates burning sensation in the body.